10 September 2013 ~ Comments Off on Very Impressive Project!

Very Impressive Project!

Laser shirts

This unique promotion was a hole in one!

We’ve worked with the Chamber Golf Tourney committee for 4 years providing promotional items for their annual event, and this year’s shirts were the biggest hit yet!

Previous years saw very popular embroidered items – high quality, bright – but this year, we really wanted to step it up a notch and provide something new that would highlight the Chamber’s distinctive logo.

Our supplier recently made laser logo application more affordable. With a great price point, along with the supplier’s amazing virtual sample process, the committee was sold on the design. We were all excited to see the results when the finished shirts came in. 

The results were beyond our expectations! The shirt featuring their logo became almost an art piece because it was so new and beautiful. To achieve the effect, we split the logo into two, using the large icon across the chest, and the Chamber’s name on the sleeve. Everyone was enthusiastic about the effect and said this was one shirt that they would definitely be wearing again! 

Great branding, and what great exposure when your organization’s brand is an intrinsic part of the pride in wearing the piece.

Very creative. Very distinctive.

Judy Wilson, Islay Agencies

Judy Wilson, Islay Agencies

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