03 August 2012 ~ Comments Off on Very Impressive Project!

Very Impressive Project!

A memorable and very unique retirement gift!

Trican is a well-known and respected global  pressure pumping company, with head office located in Calgary. 

Mr. Dave Charlton, Vice President of Marketing was retiring and the team at Trican wanted to send him off in a big way. They wanted his retirement party to be a memorable highlight of his career. 

Our Judy Wilson worked closely with the Trican team to come up with a gift idea that would be unique, funny and treasured by all.

Judy did some exploring on Mr. Charlton’s background, and uncovered that he had a reputation of being a very serious salesman, but also he was famous for his reputation as a very serious goal tender at the firm’s annual hockey tournament!

Judy Wilson, Islay Agencies

Realizing that Mr. Charlton’s retirement party coincided with the release of the Edmonton Oilers Ryan Smith Bobble Head … Judy put on her creative hat and decided ” Why not create a Bobble Head for Dave also … after all, he was pretty good at hockey too!”  

TheDave Charlton Goal Tender Bobble Head’ was created and given as a surprise to all guests. Rumour has it Dave’s autograph session took hours that evening!!!

Clever, unique, and full of spirit.  A gift that all will remember!

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